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Who We Are


From The Prison, To The Pulpit, To The Mission Field

When you look at Rev. Danny Byrd’s life, it can be described as this, from the prison, to the pulpit, to the mission field. The prophet Jeremiah said it this way in, Jeremiah 1:5, “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”


Danny was born in 1972 and tragedy struck early in his life. As a toddler, Danny lost his mom and dad on January 5, 1975. Being raised by his grandmother He grew up as a Church of God boy until around age 10. Even as a child the enemy had a plan to stop him. Danny was introduced to drugs and alcohol at early age of 9 to 14 years old. Blow after blow, the devil was out to destroy him. Danny lost his grandmother at the age of 17 to cancer. All the loss added fuel that bound him through 27 years of drug addiction.


In 2004 Danny married Tina. With a broken relationship, they were only together less than 1 year in the total of the first 5 years of marriage. At a time in life that was supposed to be joyful, he was still bound. While it looked like Danny’s, life was messed up and on the road to destruction...God had a plan.

Just when Danny thought he had reached the bottom, he got arrested in 2009. It was in a cold jail cell, the Holy Spirit spoke to his heart and asked, “Where are you going to Run to Now?" It was then, beside a steel bed in the Harnett County jail that he knelt down and surrendered his heart to God. Immediately he was saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost! From there he went to Potter’s Wheel in 2010 for regeneration.


His family was restored by the Grace of God. His marriage was mended and renewed. Danny was called to preach and testify for the next year as doors began to open in 2011 for ministry. Danny and Tina together began the process to be credentialed ministers in the Church of God in 2014. They attended and completed the Ministerial Internship Program in 2015 and became credentialed ministers in the Church of God with Danny going on to reach the rank of Ordained Bishop with the Church of God in May of 2018.


The enemy had a path of destruction for Danny, BUT GOD,..Before He formed Danny in the belly He knew him; and before Danny came forth out of the womb He sanctified Danny, and He ordained Him to be a prophet unto the nations.


Through preaching God’s Word all over the United States, the Lord has blessed them to see hundreds of people filled with the Holy Spirit and thousands saved by the Grace. Marcy & Glory of God. Danny and Tina have allowed themselves to be used of GOD mightily.  


In doing so, some of their most notable works are; four church plant missions in Guayaquil Ecuador, two mission projects to Mazatlán Sinaloa, Mexico, 1 church plant in Chimoi, Kakamega, as well as mistering in open air crusades and speaking in conferences in and around Kakamega. The National Overseer of 

Church of God in Nairobi Kenya has Hosted Rev. Byrd in the past, while he ministered in the Kawangware district; and has also invited him to return for other projects in the future.



Rev. Byrd has been a guest on various radio talk programs and has preached on television here in N.C. as well.

From The Prison, To The Pulpit, To The Mission Field


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